Healthy relationships are essential to a healthy spiritual life. In today’s Take Five, we look at friendship, mentors, discipleship, teachers and leaders and how those relationships can be nurtured and grown in a Christ-like way. Use today’s resources to grow a relational area of your life – maybe you need to reach out and ask for a mentor, or maybe you need to be a friend to someone else.

The Wonder of Friendship

“Two and a half years after our move to Juneau, Alaska, the time came for another transition—this time to Colorado. After our move—once our furniture was unpacked and our clothes tucked away—I knew the time had come to start building a new life. We began in our neighborhood. When a couple strolled past our driveway, we rushed out to greet them. As we worked in the yard, we waved and said hello to anyone who came out to retrieve their mail. But the ‘Hey, neighbor’ conversations never moved beyond anything surfacy and shallow.” Click here to keep reading. 

Teaching Isn’t About Giving Answers

I hate the idea of becoming Mr. Pastor Answer Man. A guy approached me recently after I gave a sermon: ‘I’m struggling with what you shared. I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do now.’

Inside I’m screaming, ‘It’s not my job to give you the answer.’ But thankfully I’ve developed a filter that didn’t exist when I was 18, and said instead, ‘Let the Holy Spirit do His work in you. If you seek, He will pave the way.’” Keep reading here.

The Way of Weakness

“What my struggle with anxiety and depression taught me about God’s power.

I had just transitioned from leading a college ministry to serving as the teaching pastor at RockHarbor Church (RH), a young, vibrant church plant. I was honored and amazed at the opportunity God had set before me, and desired to make a good impression for those who had trusted me with this role.” Keep reading here.

A Living Heritage

Heritage-Bev“A heritage is something of value that passes from one generation to the next. Not all families inherit money or property, but everyone inherits personal characteristics from their ancestors. Often what is passed on is intangible, hidden; latent talents that are only discovered in times of need, like leadership giftings and caring skills.” Keep reading here.

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