Step onto a Level Path for the Spiritual Journey Ahead

You have a strong desire to deepen your faith, develop strong character, and grow as a believer. But life has thrown you obstacles. You’re feeling stuck, discouraged and isolated from others on your journey, and wonder if it’s possible to break through these barriers.

For this reason, pastor and mentor Inés Franklin began Trochia in 2012 to provide a solution for developing the character of Christ-followers from a biblically-based approach, online. Trochia has become a global resource for a truthful, gracious and loving approach to engaging the Bible ever since.

Thanks to member support, we’ve made global impact through…

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The mission continues to grow

We are honored and privileged to support our growing community on their daily journey. Whether their sphere of influence is the home, workplace, community, or church, we’ve pivoted to guide followers of Jesus toward a purposeful relationship with God.

We provide a holistic, inside-out approach to discipleship

When believers come our way were asked what they want out of a faith community, they made their essentials clear:
  • We want trustworthy leaders with integrity.
  • We want a path, not a menu.
  • We want community to grow with.
  • We wish to breakthrough the daily struggles of time, energy, and distraction.
  • We desire a deeper biblical perspective for navigating a complex and changing world.

The path to growth is right in front of you.

Let's go together.

At Trochia, we believe the Bible is the source of truth we need for our character development and speaks to our everyday obstacles. Our goal is to be a reliable resource to help you along your journey of faith as you become who God made you to be.