Our world is loud and chaotic, and it can often be hard for us to find quiet time to collect our thoughts, let alone pursue God. Today’s Take Five is an encouragement in our busy world to stop, slow down, turn off the cell phone and get on our knees. Today, let’s take a few moments of quiet to seek God and rely on him alone.

Do You Need Quiet?

“After several hectic weeks of flying to various cities and countries to speak, I came home a few days ago full of joy and praise after teaching for over three hours at a local conference. But I also sensed the Lord saying, ‘Poppy, sit quietly with me. Don’t rush around tidying up the remodeling mess, or checking Facebook or reading the newspaper. Sit quietly and talk with Me.’” Keep reading here.

Empty Pocket, Full Attention

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“I sometimes leave the house without my phone—on purpose. (Gasp!)

Despite the annoyance of anyone who may try to reach me, for an hour or two each day, I willfully decide to do without the ability of immediate communication or information from the outside world. This means no Twitter, no Instagram, no Facebook, no Google, no texts and no push notifications alerting me of the latest breaking news or the game’s score update. The only knowledge accessible to me is the knowledge I already possess.” Finish this post here.

Video: Starts With Me by Tim Timmons

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Five Twitter Proverbs to Read Before You Rant

“I doubt we’d write so scathingly with Jesus looking over our shoulder. Or better yet, staring into the face of the person we’re ripping apart over the top of our phone or computer screens.” Keep reading here.

Seeking Silence

“Then, for the longest time, I just sat in the stillness. The only sounds were the fountain, birds singing, and the soft dripping of the remainder of last night’s rain from the eaves of the house.

And God was so very close.”  Keep reading here.

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