Friendship and Reconciliation (Take Five)

Written by: Dani Nichols
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Is there too much hatred, injustice and fear in today’s world; can we have authentic friendships? Is it possible to have difficult conversations that grow our sphere and love for one another, rather than causing more division?

Today’s Take Five gives hope to these questions. If you’re like me, you need to hear about people who are courageously honest and welcoming – who reconcile and seek justice, who keep their eyes on Jesus and their arms outstretched in love toward others. I hope this collection of posts from around the web encourages your heart today – let’s live authentically and with purpose in our relationships today.

It’s Not Just My Story

“For so long, I didn’t talk about my singleness. I just didn’t want to, for a myriad of reasons, the greatest one being that it felt very vulnerable to talk publicly about something so dear to my heart — an unanswered prayer.” Read more here.

Aiming to Win

“After writing extensively about dealing with sin and correction, Paul’s words in the closing verses of his second letter to the Church of Corinth reminds them of the aim of the whole endeavor. ‘Aim for restoration…’ We are not given processes to deal with those who are in sin that we might be divided from them, but that we might walk with them in unity.” Read more here.

Video: No More Holding Back

See full post here.

What Charleston Should Remind Us About Forgiveness and Justice

“This weekend I was in Charleston for the first service at Emanuel AME Church after the brutal white supremacist terrorist attack of this past week. Walking around downtown, I was struck by the unity of the city. People stood before the church, singing. The town’s churches displayed signs of solidarity and rang their bells together in unison. And the one thing I heard talked about more than anything else was forgiveness, specifically the way the families of the victims said they forgave the terrorist even after the murder of their loved ones. Some saw this as commendable; others were taken aback.” Read more here.

How We Became Too Busy for Friends

“…At one point during the event, a young woman raised her hand and asked, ‘Whose responsibility is it to initiate relationship when another woman needs comfort? The older woman or the younger woman? Everyone’s busy no matter what age.’ As I answered, I thought of Jennifer. Could she have reached out to let another woman know how dark her inner world had become? Were her connections with women too superficial to matter? After all, even her own mother didn’t know her pain.” Read more here.