Discipline of Worship #1

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Discipline of Worship #1

Have you ever been to a party and completely ignored the host or guest of honor? Probably not because social etiquette teaches us that doing that would be rude. However, all too often we approach our worship preoccupied, self-focused or maybe with a bad attitude; and thus ignore the One we come to honor.

Worship is a discipline because we are easily tempted to neglect it. We’re tempted worship everything but God, our toys, work, money, friendships.  Just like we can drive on a mental autopilot and suddenly realize that we traveled great distances without noticing a single car or detail on the road, we can too easily worship in vain.  Sometimes it’s just lip service and meaningless. If we want worship that is more than going to church, singing songs or praying, we must be disciplined to keep our focus on the One who is truly worthy.

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Fred Gladney
Fred Gladney
Hello friends, I'm Fred Gladney. After years in the tech world, I now own Trinity Consulting, a sales and management consulting firm specializing in the assessment and optimization of sales organizational structures. I have a B.S. in Math from California University of Pennsylvania and has participated in management development programs at Harvard and Princeton Universities through IBM. In addition to serving on the board at Trochia Ministries, I'm on the board of Far East Broadcasting Company, a non-denominational international Christian radio network. I'm active in my church as an Associate Elder, Bible teacher and lay leader. I live in Southern California with my beautiful family and enjoy podcasting for Trochia in my free time.
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