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The Way to New Life

The path with Christ leads not to finding and preserving our life, but to lose and offer our old life…
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Finding My Pace in Life

As I flipped through another page in my planner, I wondered how to accomplish all my tasks in a mere…
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Becoming a Character Led Leader

Leaders are everywhere—in our homes, schools, offices, boardrooms, and government. And despite having access to more opportunities, training, connection, and…
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Freedom from shame; my story of God’s redemption

God’s amazing grace and power has changed my life, which is why I’m willing to be so transparent in this…
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Aiming Our Hearts Toward God

When we run away from idolatry and toward God, our hearts are aimed toward his. When our hearts are aimed…
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The Proof of Genuine Faith: What We Do Matters to God

We have bumper stickers and Christian messages everywhere in our culture. Some have email address that are Christianized, like “”…
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Speak Life! (A Study of James 3)

Words have tremendous power to hurt and to help. They can discourage, they can cause anger, they can cause separation,…
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Earthly Wisdom vs. Heavenly Wisdom

When I moved to California from Puerto Rico, I was 16 years old, and I came with a vocabulary of…
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What the Bible Says About Peace

The world is desperate for peace. Peace is something we’ve been seeking forever, really, and we have tried all kinds…
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I Urge You to Transform, not Conform (Romans 12)

As free and grateful people, we can say, “God, thank you for all you’ve given me. Now I offer myself…
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Featured image for “Wisdom Comes Through Relationship With God”

Wisdom Comes Through Relationship With God

We come to God with whatever our problem is, whatever the decision we need to make, with whatever abilities we…
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Featured image for “Confession and Our Unpaid Tickets”

Confession and Our Unpaid Tickets

Clearly, a person sitting in a car stuffed with tickets could say to the officer, “Thanks a lot, but I’m…
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