Trusting God with Our Lives (Take Five)

Written by: Dani Nichols
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Every week, it’s so inspiring to see the wealth of wisdom and knowledge that is shared using the Internet every day. So, every Friday we round up five of our favorite items – photos, videos, articles, quotes and blog-posts – in the hopes that you will be as encouraged and inspired by them as we are.

This week, we are highlighting trust – trust in God’s goodness, His faithfulness, His provision, His Church, His plan for our lives and His ability to handle our questions. Whether you read this today as a long-time believer or a skeptic, we hope you’ll see an authentic, honest look at how difficult and rewarding trusting God can be – because He is worthy of our trust.

The Edge of Trust

Ginger writes transparently about her fears in this post:

“I doubt any of us wish that we could worry more often. I’m guessing none of us placed “Become captive to worry” on our list of resolutions for the year. Most of us know we should worry less, and if we want to be obedient to Jesus’ command, we should not worry… at all.” Finish reading here.

What do you worry about? How does that keep you from trusting God?

To Those Who Have Been Hurt By the Church

In this post, we are called to trust that God is good.

“Today, I’m asking you to consider how God sent us Jesus to restore what has been broken. He knows we have a tendency to screw things up and we need His unending flow of grace and mercy. And because this is still true, I want you to know the Church needs you. She needs your heart for Jesus. She needs your authenticity, your raw faith and your heart for justice. She needs your empathy because there are many like you, but she also needs your forgiveness. Because sheep are dumb and every shepherd is a sheep as well.” Read more here. 

How can trusting God help you to heal a broken relationship this week?

Listen to this song and be reminded – you can trust God, He is always there.

Why “I Might Get Hurt” Doesn’t Have to Stop You

Have you ever avoided action because of fear or lack of trust?

“The Spirit makes excellent points. Like this one: The reality that we might get hurt doesn’t give us a reason not to do something.” Finish reading here.

A Story of Trust

This is an older post, but it spoke to our hearts this week as we thought about trust.

“I want you to see that trusting God is an honor. That the Bible is true and that when one of God’s names is Jehovah Jireh, “The Lord Who Provides”, He means it.” Finish reading here.

Since this is an older post, we also get to see how God has provided in the author’s life over the last few years. What an honor!

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