Editor’s Pick: Top Posts of 2015

Written by: Dani Nichols
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Every year, I sit down to write a round-up post summarizing the top pieces from our year here at Trochia Ministries. Every year, I am grateful and amazed that I get to work with such an incredible team of writers and communicators, in such a needed venue online. Trochia is a very special place, indeed!

This year, we saw a lot of changes here at Trochia. We redesigned and overhauled our website and logo, honed our vision and renewed our focus. Our goal for Trochia is to create a Scripturally-based online home for Christian mentorship and maturity, and these pieces from 2015 fit that voice and vision. So enjoy my picks from this year, and let’s look forward to a wonderful 2016 of learning and growing in our faith together – asking tough questions, offering thoughtful answers, and running with endurance the race that is set before us (Hebrews 12:1).

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Anne shares her experience with PTSD, and how she relates to God because of her experience. This piece is emotional and real, and we’re so thankful that Anne had the courage to tell her story and help others by doing so.

“Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is not only suffered by wartime soldiers. Many abuse victims also suffer with it. People like me.

It happens like this: you’re having a normal day, when all of a sudden you find yourself feeling powerless. Outwardly you haven’t changed, but inwardly you’re a child, feeling alone and scared to death.”

This podcast is a beautiful, thoughtful exploration of transitions and growth in the life of a Christian. Ginger asks the question: “am I going to shrivel up, or am I going to bloom?”It’s a powerful question – what’s your answer?

This podcast is a beautiful, thoughtful exploration of transitions and growth in the life of a Christian. Ginger asks the question: “am I going to shrivel up, or am I going to bloom?”It’s a powerful question – what’s your answer?

Have you ever taken a trip that re-orients your thoughts or beliefs? Sometimes it’s as simple as being reminded to take time for oneself and loved ones while on vacation – other times it’s a profound shift in your worldview because of a new experience. Chris recently took a mission trip to Egypt, and his subsequent realizations made it on Trochia. It’s a powerful series and a profound encouragement to all of us to step outside our comfort zones in 2016.”The way in which the Egyptian church I visited is devoted to Jesus Christ and obediently follows him in selflessly loving and serving their Muslim neighbors in Egypt (that’s 90% of the population, by the way) is overwhelming. It is humbling and challenging, convicting and inspiring.The church’s involvement in the community, prayerfulness for the people of Egypt, knowledge of Scripture and of Islam, and passion for meeting the needs of the community in the name of Jesus are all-encompassing.”

Have you ever experienced a church split, gotten in an argument with a friend over a detail of faith or politics, or felt the betrayal of someone whom you thought would never let you down? Of course – we all have. Suzie explores these painful circumstances through the lens of Scripture, and lets us in on her personal experience in this honest and wise piece.”Being a Christian is hard sometimes, and being in Christian community can be excruciatingly hard part of being a Christian. (Can I get an Amen?)Don’t get me wrong – living the Christian life with at least a handful of other Christians you can learn from and grow alongside is often a great gift. However, this past year has been a year of many emotional ups and downs for my faith family, and there is nothing quite like crisis to bring up all the emotions in myself and those around me. Everything has been tested: my faith and trust in God and my desire to persevere with the people of God.

What I’ve learned is, with all the good intentions of love and compassion, we can lose sight of Jesus in the midst of each other’s emotions.”

RJ models how to ponder, apply and study the Bible in this piece, and gives us plenty to consider in the process. How can you pay attention to the dreams God has given you? Where is he going to take you in 2016, and how can you be listening for his voice?”One’s story is in the Old Testament, the other in the New. But both these dreamers have so much in common, I marvel how God connected the stories. God often does that – connects our post-modern world to historical characters who speak his truth.”