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Who is God’s favorite? What the Bible says about favoritism.


Freedom from shame; my story of God’s redemption

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Trochia ( τροχιά, pronounced tro-kee-ah ) is the Greek word for path (Hebrews 12:13).


Ines S. Franklin
Founder & President, Trochia Ministries

I’m so glad you’re here. I founded Trochia because, as a pastor and student of the Bible, I’ve heard from so many people how intimidated or uneducated they feel about God’s Word. As Christians, we know that Jesus gave us the Bible to reveal himself, but also to teach us about our identity, purpose and the meaning of our lives. Since the Word of God is like a roadmap to our daily paths, we all wish to learn how to use and apply it with wisdom.

At Trochia, our goal is to mentor Christians to use the Bible as a resource for daily life. I know how it feels to feel alone, confused or off-track. But I also know that Jesus cares for each of us and loves us more than we can imagine. Through the stories and teaching we share here, I hope that you’ll grow closer to Jesus, and see how his word can influence your paths for good.


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I love to learn! Here are some of my favorite books which I recommend as an asset to your Christian walk.