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You have a strong desire to deepen your faith, develop strong character and grow as a leader. But life has thrown you obstacles.

You’re feeling stuck, discouraged, and isolated from others on your journey, and wonder if it’s possible to break through these barriers.

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You deserve a clear path and a trusted resource – a guide to strengthen you on your journey and help you develop the strong character you need for the leadership journey ahead.

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Leadership is a messy, beautiful, challenging, and rewarding journey that God has called you to and wishes to equip you. Each of the seven practices in this course and eBook will help you to grow and flourish as a leader.

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Trochia exists to be a path of resources and easily digestible content to help you develop your character, breakthrough obstacles, lead with biblical wisdom, and multiply your influence.

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“Make level for your feet,”
– Hebrews 12:13