Voices: a poem, asking God for help hearing his voice above all others

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Voices: a poem, asking God for help hearing his voice above all others

Do you ever feel that God’s voice is hard to hear amongst all the bustle and noise of our lives? This poem is meant to be read as a prayer, asking the LORD to give us grace to hear him in the midst of the fray. What influences do you need to turn off or walk away from this week, in order to hear God’s voice and follow where he leads?


From the moment when I wake, the distractions buffet me.

Clamoring for my attention, they assail relentlessly.

The voices of this busy world seem to fill my ears,

Drowning out your still small voice, the only voice I long to hear.

Lord, meet me in the moment in the quiet of this place.

Help me to hear your voice alone as I rest in your embrace.

Lord, drive the other voices from the temple of my heart,

And whisper words of wisdom which your Spirit can impart.

That I would hear no other voice,

O Master, draw me near.

May I incline my heart to you,

Speak, Lord, and help me hear.

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Frank Carpenter
Frank Carpenter
By day, Frank Carpenter works in corporate accounting and management. However, his avocation is all about words. He has a love of language and a passion for communication through the written word. After he came to Christ more than three decades ago, that medium became the natural expression of his faith. As a published poet, blogger and devoted correspondent Frank is energized by the process of exploring the truth of God’s word and communicating it to others in a way that will strengthen, encourage, comfort and inspire them. His body of work extols Christian virtues and values and seeks closure on complicated spiritual, emotional and intellectual issues, often with a bent towards application and a call to action. Frank is a native of Newport Beach, where he resides with his wife of 32 years. He has two grown children, two grandchildren, and currently serves on the elder board of Mariners Church.
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