How to Love Our Neighbors (Take Five)

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How to Love Our Neighbors (Take Five)

As we strive to follow Jesus, we know that we are called to love our neighbors and the many people we encounter in the world. But what does that mean practically for us? What are the real ways we can share our faith with others? In this week’s Take Five, we explore some ideas and inspiration for our journey of loving our neighbors and the world, in Jesus’ name.

“This got me thinking about the role of intercessory prayer. Being one who enjoys analogies, the connection with football came to mind. Intercessory prayer is like spiritual blocking. By interceding for a brother or sister, I can be used by God to open a path to move forward.” Keep reading here.

“As committed Christians, we took seriously the parable of the Good Samaritan. We understood that the people whom my husband played for, my peers at the university, the students I taught, those we met through church and volunteer activities, and the strangers we ministered to on overseas mission trips were all our neighbors. But we were so busy loving our parabolic neighbors that we had neglected the literal ones.” Finish the post here. 

We are really good at doing church inside the church – Highlight of The Exchange from Ed Stetzer.

“We laud the Inca achievements of creating 26,000 miles of road and the grand Machu Picchu retreat for the royal emperor. But God does not care so much about all that as He does about the 15-year-old Inca girl who spent her last six months under the care of a priestess before being slain. We know this about God from His Word…” Finish the post here. 

“Despite their unimaginable grief and anger, both the sister and the father of victim, Tim See, gave a moving address to the court on behalf of Mavima, urging the judge to give him a light sentence.” Keep reading here. 

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