Discipleship, Friendship and Family (Take Five)

Written by: Dani Nichols
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In our lives, God gives us people – some difficult, encouraging, beautiful, fun or challenging – and he helps us to see ourselves and each other as part of his family. Through each other, we are taught how to love, disciple and serve as Jesus modeled for us. This week’s Take Five prompts us to ask: how are you loving the people in your life? Who has God given you to serve, in his name, this week?

“Helping people connect faith to work is a central part of my job, and at least once a month someone asks me to recommend books on this topic. The faith and work movement has been around for decades now, and there is a huge supply of books to choose from, aimed at diverse audiences. Here are my top picks for the general reader.” Keep reading here. 

“Today I continue my 2013 Discipleship Interview Series with Mark Marshall. Mark serves as lead pastor at Clearview Baptist Church here in Franklin, Tennessee. Prior to going at Clearview in 2007, Mark spent a decade as the Director of Leadership Training and Enrichment Events here at LifeWay.” Finish reading here.

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8-16 Take Five

“I hold fast to the belief that words mean things and I’m often more interested in what we don’t say than in what we do. It seems to me that Jesus finally arrived at this beautiful place where he recast the disciples as his friends. The John 15 text relays a hard won intimacy that gives me the impression that friends was the goal, the end Jesus had in mind all along. He shared everything he’d heard up to that point with them, he held nothing back, placing complete and utter trust in their incomplete and utter human frailty. And the only word that fit the Son of Man’s desire was friends.” Keep reading here. 

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