God’s beauty is all around us, but often we fail to see it. How can you embrace his beauty, majesty and power and worship him today? In service to the people in your life and  your church community, in the sharing of wisdom, in appreciation for his many gifts, or even in a Sabbath day of rest. What are the ways that you can worship God on a daily, hourly basis?

“Last night, as if on cue, the cicadas began their summer serenade. I love their mechanical, monotonous, lullaby-like whirring, welling up at dusk on a heat-laden summer evening. From my childhood it has been a sound bound tightly to all that is summer—a chorus signifying the return of stillness, an invocation to rest, rest, rest.” Keep reading here. 


“Although I am deeply grateful for our capacity to encounter and appreciate beauty on so many levels, I personally feel that such beauty is a fundamental insistence of nature itself. It is an expression of a material reality whose inspiration begins with love. Such beauty can’t help itself, and when we encounter it, neither can we. If we are open to it, if we  allow ourselves to be, we are taken in by it, seduced and even a little bit overwhelmed.” Finish the article here. 

“I’ve been reading through the “One Year Chronological Bible” this year. Currently camped out in the time of the prophet Elisha in 2 Kings. I was reading this morning and wanted to share a few thoughts as it seemed to pertain to God, missions, perspective and stuff I would share with you over a cup of coffee if time allowed.” Keep reading here.

“Sadly in many contexts, pastors either fail to exercise leadership or are stripped of their leadership. Those who fail to lead their congregations are often content to be chaplains who feverishly run from need to need without leading the flock in a particular direction. In other cases, a local church greatly hampers the leadership of a pastor when they hire one–“just to preach and let us lead.” In reality, a pastor is a leader for at least three reasons:” Finish this article here.

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