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Learning to Share the Gospel like Paul

With the help of Betty Crocker and her fudge brownie mix, I am told I make the world's best brownies. They are so popular, I make two boxes at a time. They usually disappear shortly after they come out of the oven and before the wonderful aroma of warm chocolate...

The Proof of Genuine Faith: What We Do Matters to God

We have bumper stickers and Christian messages everywhere in our culture. Some have email address that are Christianized, like "" But what good is it if we display or say those things but don't show it in our lives? Our faith,...

The Generosity of Nehemiah

I believe the world is hurting. One way that I think we can show our hurting world the loving God we serve is through our generosity. The world deeply longs to see more cheerful and generous givers, so I want to write about generosity today from the Old Testament. I...

My Mom, the Peacemaker

Our greatest example of a peacemaker is Jesus. Isaiah 53:5 says, “But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.” Jesus comes and gives everything, just like my mom did for my aunt.

What the Bible Says About Peace

The world is desperate for peace. Peace is something we've been seeking forever, really, and we have tried all kinds of things. People have devoted their entire lives to seeking peace, beautiful people who we celebrate because they gave their lives for peace. We know...

What’s Your Identity?

We tend to ignore the question of identity, because it can feel uncomfortable or overwhelming, but I think that’s a mistake. I think our identity through Jesus Christ is a great gift and in fact, the Bible tells us we should become what we already are in Christ.

Four Things Kids Need From Parents and Mentors

Four Things Kids Need From Parents and Mentors

God loves us as a Father, and models for us good parenting. I know that not everyone reading this is a parent, but everyone has a child or younger person in their life, so I think it’s important that we look to the Word of God for wisdom about these relationships.

Why Does the Word of God Call Us to Love Our Neighbor?

Why Does the Word of God Call Us to Love Our Neighbor?

He wants to restore the world through his people. He wants to use us, where we live, work and play, to bring restoration to the world. By loving our neighbor, as Jeremiah 29 commands and as we see throughout the Bible, we bring God’s hope and love to the world, and peace to ourselves.

When Encouragement Comes Full Circle

When Encouragement Comes Full Circle

When we serve without an emotional break, we can easily overload and spill over into a melted mess. The same encouragements we use for others don’t work for us, because we have no energy left to help ourselves. And helping ourselves seems counter-intuitive to our call.