Waiting in Love (Take Five)

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Waiting in Love (Take Five)

Sometimes, our best laid plans don’t work out how we thought. Sometimes, we have to wait longer than we want to. Sometimes, love and submission are messier than we think they should be. The good news, is that God is within and working through all of these circumstances in our lives. How is God using your “sometimes” this week and what can you learn through it?

“Sometimes our best laid plans are curtailed. Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan ‘A.’ Sometimes coffee gets spilled everywhere… Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Perhaps you find yourself currently in a disruption time; perhaps it is a time God is opening up for you to clear out the clutter, rediscover important lost parts of your life or space to reflect and remember.” Finish reading here. 


“We tend to think that, having been given a promise from God, a person might well begin to wait with vibrant faith. But as the wait drags on it seems that faith would gradually weaken. So why did Abraham’s faith on the whole grow stronger and stronger? Because of what he did as he waited.” Keep reading here. 

“Because bottom line, in a marriage, I would want to please God.  And pleasing God means following what’s in the Bible.  And the Bible says to submit to your husband – wait for it – in everything. (Ephesians 5:24)” Finish this post here. 

“No matter what our occupation, we are the physical presence of God in a hurting world. He calls and enables us. He fills and works through us. But his love is not complete unless we give it away.” Finish the post here. 

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Dani Nichols
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