True Justice, and Serving Victims in Jesus’ Name (Take Five)

Written by: Dani Nichols
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This week we are looking at stories and perspectives from International Justice Mission, the A21 Campaign and other brave individuals who are working hard for justice in the name of Jesus. We hope that today’s Take Five will inspire you to love someone deeply and serve someone, whether in your neighborhood or across the world.

They Did It! (A21 Campaign)

“At the beginning of summer we wrote about our heroes, The Freedom Riders. A few weeks ago Ben, Jon, Tim, Mitchell, and Benjamin wrapped up their 45-day bike tour across the United States, all in the name of raising awareness and funds to combat human trafficking. Way to go, guys!” Keep reading here. 

They Did It

Justice: Rescue Orphans

“Please join me in welcoming Jamie Rohrbaugh to the blog today as she shares her heart about rescuing orphans:

‘Have you ever felt rejected? Have you felt like you don’t fit in anywhere, and that you have no one to love you? Have you ever felt like you’ve been forgotten?’” Finish this post here. 

Video: Katja’s Story (A21 Campaign)

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It’s One Thing to Know, But What Will We Do? (International Justice Mission)

“Thomas Clarkson was a university student when he was given this essay topic: Is it lawful to enslave the un-consenting?

Writing the paper, he was exposed anew to what was actually happening around him. Even after he had turned it in, he continued to research slavery, and was astounded and appalled by what he found.” Keep reading here.

Loving Someone in Their Mess

“Pastor Milton Vincent once said, ‘Our lives are complicated by agape love.’ Because we will wrestle deeply with sin till we see Jesus face to face, our relationships will likewise be deeply impacted by sin—our sin, others’ sin.” Finish this post here.

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