This week’s Take Five gives valuable inspiration, resources and help for all of us as we seek to learn more about God through his word. Through the Bible, God reveals himself and the truth about us and our world – but all too often, we are uneducated about how to read the Scripture, what it means and how to apply it in our lives. This week, let’s try to spend time with God and the Scriptures, leaning in to our relationship with him and the great story he has told and is telling through the Bible.

“…a helpful series on the New Testament canon, ‘designed to help Christians understand ten basic facts about its origins.  This series is designed for a lay-level audience and hopefully could prove helpful in a conversation one might have with a skeptical friend.’” Keep reading here.

“..let me ask you again: When was the last time you were truly amazed?

I have eaten some pretty good food lately. I have seen a few really cool movies. And I have had some truly enjoyable afternoons. But I don’t know that I was ‘overwhelmed with surprise or sudden wonder.’ I’m not sure I was ‘astonished greatly.’” Finish the post here. 

Listen to “A New Way of Engaging Scripture” here.

“Imagine a world — at Jesus’ invitation — where God is good, where God’s people come to him with their requests, and where God responds to them. Imagine a world where God is good, where God is gracious, where God wants to respond to the needs of his people. Imagine a world where God trust God and so go to him with their needs.” Keep reading here. 

“If there are basic essentials for recovering our physical health, there are also basic essentials for spiritual health.  If you want a vibrant, alive, walk with God, here are four essentials you need in your life.” Finish the post here.

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