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Written by: Inés Franklin
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We’ve had the honor of developing and guiding many churches, businesses, and organizational leaders over the years. I am inviting you to consider how you impact those around you, everyday. Leadership is not only a role we choose, but a journey we also find ourselves on. Whether you’re a mother, a trusted friend, an employee of the month, a manager at a company, or a freelance creative, leadership is when others look to us for our advice, experience, or guidance. If you’re in that position or bear the responsibility of leading others currently, subscribe to our new newsletter from Trochia Ministries, called Take 5.

We want to make it easy for you to continue to grow in your leadership skills and character development. Foraging the internet for useful leadership tips can be an exhausting or time consuming task. We’d like to save you that time and energy with the new Take 5 newsletter. Twice a month, Trochia Ministries curates five quick and thoughtful resources for your leadership journey, and sends it directly to your email. No searching or typing. Enjoying these leadership tips is just a click away.