We are designed by God to be in relationship with Him and each other.

But, let’s face it, relationships are messy and love is not always easy. We want to love people, but our love is limited, compromised and imperfect.

This was the first time I shared a part of my testimony, that after two divorces and struggling early in my third marriage, I realized that my ability to love was broken and it needed immediate fixing. If I did not find a solution, I was headed to another divorce and I did not want that!

Through the study of 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, I’ve learned that my love is weak but God’s love is great. Instead of loving others with my love, I have started loving others by asking God to help me love the way he does. It has changed my marriage and other relationships.

I hope it blesses you and your relationships.

This sermon was presented at Mariners Church Chapel in Irvine, CA.