Sermon | Active Waiting; Because God Makes and Keeps His Promises

Written by: Inés Franklin
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We are impatient people. It is difficult to wait for answers, solutions, times to change or the winds to shift. We all know the angst of waiting for the wedding day, the college diploma, the job offer to come or for grief to fade away.

When our wishes are not satisfied or realized, we feel disrespected. It is as if by some unwritten law, we should not have to wait, as if instant gratification of our wishes is our due.

In our push-button culture, it is no wonder that we get restless and agitated when we are forced to wait.

There are two ways to wait, passively or actively. For this message, we’re going to look at how God makes and keeps his promises through the remarkable story of Zachariah and Elizabeth in Luke 1:5-25. We are reminded that we can take God for his word and rejoice because God’s timing is perfect.

We’re going to consider how to wait until God’s promises come true. When it comes to Jesus, some of us are deep in passive waiting. It is my desire that today’s message will shift us to active waiting.

This message was presented at Mariners Church Chapel, Irvine, CA.