Prayers for Our Kids, Our Lives and to Give Glory to God (Take Five)


Sometimes we don’t know how to pray, or sometimes we aren’t even thinking about prayer, and God speaks to us anyway. This week’s Take Five focuses on how we can pray for ourselves and our families, as well as how to reach out to others and to God; even when it seems difficult to do so.

When Advised to ‘Pray About It,’ It Can Help To Realize You Have Options.

“Growing up in the church–as a pastor’s kid, no less–I often heard the words ‘pray about it’ or ‘I’ll pray for you’ batted about rather mindlessly.” Keep reading here.

New Clothes for School, a Mommy’s Prayer


“I’ve got the the school supply lists checked off and their outfits laid out for the new school year.  I’ve got the externals of getting ready lined up. Have I spent as much energy and thought focused on what’s on their hearts and minds as well?

How can I clothe the heart and mind of my boys for the new school year?

How can I clothe my own mommy heart as I meet new children, moms, dads and teachers?” Finish the post here.

One Man’s Acapella Version of How Great Thou Art

Click here to watch this week’s video.

Five Tips for Amateur Prayers Like Me

“I don’t know about you, but I feel like the disciples. I am still learning to pray. The fact is I have more knowledge of prayer than I have substance and practice of prayer. Just being honest.” Keep reading here.

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