Midsummer Rest, Worship, Grace and Service in Christ (Take Five)

Written by: Dani Nichols
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In midsummer, our lives are moving quickly. We have vacations, neighborhood bar-be-ques and busy schedules to distract us from the most important things: our worship of God, our time to rest, the grace of Christ and the service we offer each other. This week, let’s dive into a midsummer filled with Christ.

17 Ways to Rest, Relax, and Recharge

We dont always manage it perfectly, but here are some ways we take care of ourselves so we can serve as faithfully and diligently as God asks. Remember: Our goal is to be productive not just BUSY (Bound Under Satans Yoke).” Keep reading here.

Rumors of a grace better than you ever imagined

“Buzz about Jesus is created when you dont care so much about creating buzz for Jesus. Jesus said when He is lifted up that he will draw all men to himself. Its Jesus + nothing = everything. Its a grace better than you ever imagine. And its a grace that is contagious. Its what grows churches.” Finish this post here.

Video: “The Song of Worship” with N.T. Wright

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The Christian Call to Say ‘You’re Welcome’

“A friend recently told me about one of her resolutions. Not for the new year—we were well into March—but a certain habit had gotten under her skin. ‘I’ve decided that when someone says,’Thank you,’ I’m going to say, ‘You’re welcome.’ It’s a moral issue.’” Keep reading here. 

Get Some Sleep, by Max Lucado

“So I did the most spiritual thing I could have done. I went back to sleep. Why don’t you do the same? God is leading you. Leave tomorrow’s problems until tomorrow.” Finish reading here.

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