Love Like Jesus (Take Five)

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Love Like Jesus (Take Five)

Through witnessing to others and sharing our faith, getting together with friends, being a good neighbor, and supporting our family in hard times, we can love like Jesus in our everyday lives. Today’s Take Five explores all of these stories, and offers encouragement and education, should you find yourself in one of these situations this week. Let’s love like Jesus!

Eight Witnessing Tips

“I overheard a conversation on the airplane coming back from my vacation in Wisconsin.  A Christian gentleman was vigorously sharing his faith with a gentleman in the seat directly behind me.  There are some things we can learn, both good and bad, from what I overheard and take his effort—which was a good one—and channel it in a little bit more constructive direction.” Keep reading here.

Why I Love Thursday Nights

Thursday Nights

“You know I believe friendship is Gods greatest evidence of himself here on earth.  You know I believe everyone needs a home team: a go-to, show-up, middle of the night, come-in-without-knocking tribe that gets us through when things fall apart. You know I believe in circling the wagons—gathering your people around you to tell you the truth when all the voices out there are shouting bad news. And you know, of course, that I believe all this love and truth-telling and prayer and laughter happens best around the table.” Finish the post here.

Video: Love Like Jesus, by Pawnshop Kings

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The Art of Neighboring

“What if we really tried to live out Christs prayer for all believers in John 17:21? As church leaders, here are some ways to engage your city:” Keep reading here.

The Day That I Saw Jesus

“I saw Jesus the day my father shaved the hair off my mother’s head. She was diagnosed with breast cancer three months ago. Jesus was there that day, too.

When my mom asked my dad if he would shave her head –because the chemo was causing her hair to fall out and it was just too hard to pick up the pieces –he said yes. When my mom asked my younger brother and I if we would be there when he shaved it, we said yes, too. We’re learning when trials come, the only way to endure them is together.” Finish the post here.

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