The Walls Around Our Hearts: How Jesus Christ Heals Us from Pain

Written by: Mary DeMuth

In times of deep pain, we might wonder if Jesus Christ cares about our circumstances. Recently, a reader on my blog wrote something quite astute: “As much as tearing the walls down hurts, it doesn’t seem to be as painful as maintaining them,” she wrote.

We live in a walled off world—walls we erect because we’ve been hurt by someone or several someones. It seems easier (and safer) to protect our hearts at any cost, brick by brick. But the problem comes when that wall becomes the very fortress that prevents joy in our lives.

I’ve so been there.

I’ve suffered relational heartache. So much so that my walls became towers of protection, and I hid my heart from risking with people. Because people are shifty, and, in my mind, were bent on hurting me. Better to build, brick by brick.

But if I’m completely honest with you, I am sad to say I’ve caused relational heartache. I’ve injured. I’ve been the cause of other people building walls. I wish it weren’t so.

So here we sit with pain between us and the people in our lives. We’ve hurt. They’ve hurt. And the wall grows.

There has to be a way through, right? There must be more to life than expending extreme amounts of energy in self-protection and preservation. What if we could find a way through the pain?

I believe there is, which is why I wrote The Wall Around Your Heart: How Jesus Heals You After Others Hurt You. 

As I walked through my own relational pain and learned to deal with the bitterness that had enabled me to build a huge wall around my heart, I knew the only way out was Jesus Christ.

As the most openhearted person to walk this earth, all I could do was ask Him to please-please-please show me how to move on and live the joyful life that always seemed elusive to me.

And Jesus Christ showed me. Boy did He show me–through His own words.

The Wall Around Your Heart is the journey I took from embittered to openhearted, from living in reaction to the past to living joyfully in the present tense. The pathway I take you through is simply this: The Lord’s Prayer.

Did you know that this prayer is relational? Did you know there are secrets embedded in this prayer that will help you move on after heartache? Did you know this ancient roadmap will teach you how to have the life you’ve longed for–a life of abundance and hope–even after people hurt you again?

After reading The Wall Around Your Heart, not only will you reframe your relationships and learn to live openhearted, but you’ll never pray The Lord’s Prayer the same way again. This pathway has utterly, truly changed my life, and it’s my sincere prayer that it will radically alter the course of your life.

So if you’ve built a great big wall around your heart and you’ve finally grown tired of living in isolated fear, its time to lean on Jesus Christ, the one who gave us the Lord’s Prayer. Consider picking up The Wall Around Your Heart to help you in this journey.

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