How to Make a Difference: Tangible Expressions of Faith, and Ways to “Be Secretly Incredible” (Take Five)

Written by: Dani Nichols
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There are a lot of ways to make a difference in the world today. This week’s Take Five explores some great ideas – from Bob Goff’s philosophy of “being secretly incredible”to hiring a local teenager to befriending a prison inmate, we can all share the love of Jesus with those around us. Today, let’s express our faith and our great God to a needy world.

After Prison, Faith Makes a Difference

“The number of men and women being released from prison has soared in recent decades, with approximately 1,700 people leaving prison each day, according to a 2004 statistic. Our brothers and sisters who are returning to their communities face numerous personal and societal obstacles as they try to forge new paths for themselves.” Keep reading here.

One Small Change – Support Someone By Hiring Them

“Whenever my grass grows long, one of my students rides up on his scooter, grabs our lawn mower, and goes to work. A few weeks ago, this kid arrived as he always does: Ready, if not eager, to mow our lawn. Before long, what was supposed to be a fast job turned into a full afternoon’s work. He mowed our lawn,  weeded alongside my husband, and finally taught my husband how to mulch our yard.” Finish this post here.

Video – Be secretly incredible: Bob Goff at TEDxLaJolla

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An Invitation to 12 Months of Mercy

“I slide the bowl of chocolate across the table and I top off mugs and we laugh long and hard and for a few minutes life lifts. We are a circle of sisters, mamas, daughters, searching for a way to do life together and wondering if we’re doing it right.” Keep reading here.

A Radical Act of Faith

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“I could spend my life telling the hopeful stories of radicals, just the normal people like me, the pew-fodder, sitting right beside you and in the megachurch, the living rooms and the back alleys, the refugee camps and kitchen tables, and I would still run out of time because there are so many of what our Kathy Escobar calls ‘pockets of love and freedom’ among us. We are embodying the Kingdom in small ways and big ways and we all matter.” Finish this post here.

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