Cultural Consumption, Christ-Centered Responses (Take Five)

Written by: Dani Nichols
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As we see cultural decay and godless behavior, it’s tempting to react with anger or disgust. But as Christians, what should our response be to our culture, and what should we do to redeem it, engage it and consume it in a wise way that honors Christ? This week’s Take Five gives a variety of opinions and ideas on how to influence others and our culture at large.

“So how do we help Miley? Get ready. You should have seen this coming a mile away.

We speak love to her.” Keep reading here.

“I believe Christians should lead the charge in rehabilitating the concept of being a “consumer of culture.” For too long we’ve been complicit in the broader culture’s cheapening of consumption. We’ve been bad consumers. We’ve been reckless in both the scale (overindulging) and the selectivity (undiscerning) of our consumer habits. We’ve been too prone to fall for glossy advertising, too undisciplined to resist what we know isn’t good for us and too willing to make consumer choices based mostly on questions like, ‘Will it make me look cool?’” Finish this post here.


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“Gospel-centered service and gospel-centered multiplication are two traits found in the life of a disciple, but how do we see them in the Christian’s daily experience? The action of cultural renewal is an expression of these two traits, but exactly what this means can be easily confused.” Keep reading here.

“There are many thoughtful, tasteful movies, television shows, plays, musicals, and books out there—and the good ones usually deal with sin. Sin by itself is not the problem. The Bible is full of rank immorality. It would be simplistic and morally untenable—even unbiblical—to suggest you cannot watch sin or read about sin without sinning yourself. But the Bible never titillates with its description of sin. It never paints vice with virtue’s colors.” Finish the post here.

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