Becoming a Character Led Leader

Written by: Inés Franklin
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Leaders are everywhere—in our homes, schools, offices, boardrooms, and government. And despite having access to more opportunities, training, connection, and resources than ever before, we see leaders fail every day. As you’ve probably experienced, the consequences are messy, disruptive, and often painful.

If failure is to be avoided, we must first understand what success includes. Money? Power? Prestige? Followers on social media? More letters at the end of your name? A corner office?

Leaders today are failing because they are chasing worldly success by investing their most precious resource—their time—in developing the wrong skills. And even those that “make it” find themselves wondering what it is all for.

It’s hard to pin down, but one study revealed there are over 15,000 leadership books in print today.[1] We aren’t saying there is no value in learning better time management, maximizing your team’s potential, or learning new communication strategies. What we are saying is that lasting impact will only come when you take a vulnerable look inside. We want to pastor the heart of leaders to see them reach their full potential for God’s Kingdom and find purpose in their work and lives.

Becoming a character led leader requires time, patience, and intentional internal work. This behind-the-scenes investment isn’t a recipe for overnight success. But it will give you endurance to face challenges, guide difficult decisions, and help you set and stick to your priorities.

The cost may be high—a lost job, deal, or opportunities—but character led leadership bears fruit as you live in alignment with your values and find deeper meaning in your work.

The greatest model of a character led leader is the person of Jesus. Philippians 2 is a beautiful reminder of how Jesus took the posture of a servant as he demonstrated his great love for us. Character led leadership is synonymous with the biblical model of a servant leader.

Whether you have influence in your home, small group, school, or office, you are called to follow his example. Each of the seven practices of character led leaders will deepen your faith and ground your biblical values.

The practices of a character led leader:

  1. Get Wise – Expand Your Biblical Perspective
  2. Get Vulnerable – Uncover Your Unique Story
  3. Get Focused – Maximize Time and Energy
  4. Get Clear – Develop Endurance for Every Season
  5. Get Connected – Grow Your Community and Opportunities
  6. Get Humble – Learn Self Care and Foster Gratitude
  7. Get Serving – Share Your Influence and Help Others Grow

If you are ready to break the cycle of chasing worldly success and invest in meaningful change, put down the latest best seller and begin to cultivate truth in your heart. Our free online course can encourage and equip you on your journey to greater depth and maturity as you learn how to apply each of these seven practices.

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