Words of Encouragement for the fight, hope for the journey (Take Five)

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Words of Encouragement for the fight, hope for the journey (Take Five)

We all need words of encouragement as we navigate our daily lives. This week’s Take Five includes posts on when God calls us to stop, what to do with our anger and how to find God in tough times. We also included a powerful modern worship song, because sometimes we all need music to express what our hearts feel. So sit back and enjoy a moment of encouragement with us!

God often calls us to STOP, even as we journey forward.

In the midst of God’s leading in our lives, we take shortcuts. We assume we know how to get from point A to point B, and we take off running. When really, we should be listening for turn-by-turn directions from God.” Keep reading here.


Words of encouragement for men who want to fight.

“Many men have displaced anger issues.  They love watching mixed martial arts on TV, or playing the latest and greatest brutal video games that allow them the opportunity to conquer the world.  Yet in spite of all that, their souls are left empty, having successfully shadow-boxed their vast imaginary opponents.” Finish the article here.

You are Stronger, by Hillsong

Watch this week’s video here.

Life can be hard. Where do you turn for encouragement?

“You may be going along your daily routine when someone or something knocks you for a loop. What do you do when the rug gets pulled out from beneath you?” Finish the post here. 

Natalie Grant writes about hope for her life.

“After being told we would never conceive a child naturally, my husband and I began the long, hard road of fertility treatments. By the grace of God, we were blessed with a two-for-one miracle, and gave birth to twin daughters in 2007. So imagine our shock and awe, when 3 years later, after no medical treatments, we were pregnant again!” Keep reading here.

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