Weathering the Storms of Life (Matthew 7:24-29)

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Weathering the Storms of Life (Matthew 7:24-29)

If you look at the road ahead, what do you see?

In my future, I see happy and healthy years with my wife, quiet and beautiful children sleeping soundly within the comfort of a new home, and a fulfilling career as a writer and a pastor who helps others know Jesus better.

What are the important mile markers in your journey ahead? Take a few moments to imagine them.

Now, what’s missing? What is conveniently absent from your vision of life in the years to come?

Joy? Peace? Health? Success? They are all there.

What is missing from our daydreams are the storms. The movie trailer version of our future doesn’t include storms, but our omission of them does not mean we will bypass them later.

It’s a well-established fact that no matter who you are or what kind of life you live, storms will come. For some of us, the storm is already here, banging on the door like an angry criminal.

The question is not “will storms come in our lives?”, the question is, “how do we survive when they do?”

Jesus told a powerful story about life and storms. In Matthew 7:24-29 he made pointed comments about the lives of a wise homebuilder and a foolish one. The wise one builds his house on the rock, the foolish builds on the sand. You may remember this story, but if not, it doesn’t take an English major to decipher the imagery Jesus employed. The rock is a solid foundation and the sand is not. When the storms come, the wise man’s foundation proves solid. The foolish man is not so fortunate.

But despite the details about the builders’ differences, Jesus’ story has one constant: the storm.

Unfortunately, our response to this reality is usually not to take Jesus’ advice in the face of the inevitable. Instead, as one of my pastors, Bryan Eckelman, pointed out recently, we work very hard to avoid the unavoidable.

Eckelman observed that we often build stronger buildings, drive safer cars, and move from the inner city to gated communities. We take preventive medicine and save retirement funds. We scrub our hands with anti-bacterial wipes after touching a doorknob and before getting behind the wheel of a grocery cart.

We’re so addicted to the idea of storm-free life that we have tried to inoculate ourselves – but face it brother and sister, the storm’s coming. We may not know when or what kind, but it is coming. So I repeat the question: how do we survive when storms come?

Jesus’ answer is clear: “Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house solid rock….But anyone who hears my teaching and doesn’t obey it is foolish, like a person who builds a house on sand.” (Matthew 7:24, 27)

Jesus said the firm foundation, for a life that can withstand the storms, is obedience to him.

I turn to John 16:33 and read Jesus’ words to his disciples as they faced a giant storm: “I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth, you will have trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”

In the storm, and as I prepare for the storm, I remember that God moved through the disciples’ obedience, not simply their belief. By him they weathered a kind of storm few of us have ever faced, and because of it we are here today with an opportunity to build our house on the same firm foundation they did, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Are you one who listens and obeys? How’s your house holding up in the storms of life?

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Chris Greer
Chris Greer
Hi y’all! My name is Christopher and I live in Costa Mesa, CA with my amazing wife, Kerry. I’m a writer and a Young Adult Pastor at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, CA. And this is how good God is: I was born in the greatest state in the Union (Texas!) and I now live, work, and write in one of the most beautiful places on the planet (Southern California!). Life is good. I am excited that you have found Trochia, a place online to be mentored through God’s grace and truth. God has used mentorship relationships to change my life. Keenan, my friend and former boss helped me to see that my work and relationships were about far more than just “getting the job done.” My current mentor, Stan, is a Christian author who has taught me that Christians (no matter what age) can be intellectually engaged with God and culture in a way that is current, fun, and makes disciples. And I’m forever thankful to God for my parents who are my most influential mentors in faith, marriage, family, and life. Without mentorship, I would not be the man I am. That is why mentorship, along with God’s calling for us to “make disciples” and “teach them to obey everything that [He] commanded” (Matthew 28:19-20), is part of everything I do as a writer and as a young adult pastor. I hope that Trochia will be a resource that helps you receive God’s grace and understand His truth, so that you can take one obedient step after another and mentor others along the way. Check out my two latest devotional books: Easter Is Coming and Christmas Is Coming, available through
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