Making a Difference (Take Five)

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Making a Difference (Take Five)

Each week I scour Twitter and spend hours reading blog posts. It has been utterly transformational in my spiritual journey. Some articles challenge me, and some just initiate great conversations. Each week I will compile my favorite posts here. I hope you enjoy and grow as much as I have!


Sarah Bessey offered her readers a repost this week which is one of the most honest posts about marriage I’ve ever read. It is a reminder about our journey with God, and with your spouse, and how those parallel and intertwine. I think you will be encouraged!


Connie Jakab reminds us that we can make a difference in the life of someone else just by taking the time to listen and speak some truth:

“I spotted him on the side of the gym while the other students were working in groups holding back tears.  When I approached him to ask what was wrong, he stated to me; “I can’t DO this!  I’m not good at anything!”

I’ve been reading about a lot of conferences as the new year approaches, and unexpectedly found and LOVED the commitment to growth I found when I read Ben Arment’s brief  Call to Clarity:

“I have to admit – I don’t like the feeling of it.

But I seek it out like lost treasure.

It’s the sort of insight about myself that knocks the wind out of me and buckles my knees at the sheer thought of it.

It’s what I’m doing wrong or not well enough.

The misalignment of my values and my actions.”


Micha Boyett shares a beautiful and moving story about friendship and loss:

“Melynn always knew how to play with Carey, as if by instinct. Her ability to befriend someone different than herself—not from a place of pity, not because of any grown-up’s expectations—was one of those things God orchestrated in his grace: that Melynn’s family would move into the house two doors down the street from Carey’s. That Melynn would know how to love her. That Melynn would become her best friend.”

My favorite Christmas post this week, via We Are That Family, encouraged me in my grief over the massacre in Connecticut:

What Christmas is Really About

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Leslie Brogdon
Leslie Brogdon
Leslie Clevenger Brogdon has spent her professional career working with at-risk youth, and served with various ministries and non-profit organizations. She earned her M.A. in Christian Education from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. She currently serves as the youth and children’s minister at Bethlehem United Methodist Church, in Buford, Georgia, and as a Marketing Coordinator for Worthy Marketing Group. She and her husband, William, live in Dawsonville, Georgia. Leslie is passionate about helping others who have unmet physical needs, and who are lacking community. In the last year she has begun a journey to live in an intentional community with her husband and another family. She loves deep conversations, good food, and traveling. Leslie helps manage the Trochia Twitter community – so you can connect with her @Trochia.
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