Growing in Knowledge and Grace (Taking Five)

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Growing in Knowledge and Grace (Taking Five)

This week’s Take Five explores the path of our dreams: from the dream itself, to the knowledge required, to the perseverance and support needed. As Christians, we might dream of better Scriptural knowledge, stronger faith or thicker skin, and we might seek inspiration, support or healthy challenges from our local church. How can you grow in knowledge and grace, and serve the body of Christ with your dreams this week?

“Some desire to serve as a Pastor of Apologetics or become a better Sunday School Teacher. Some want to start a ministry or contribute to the community in some way. Others just have a desire to learn more about the Scripture and Christian worldview. Hopefully all of us want to be more confident and effective in our evangelism, as that is the primary reason for apologetics.” Keep reading here.

“It’s the way God is wired. And if we’re connected to him, then we can’t help but feel the occasional surge of energy and infusion of life that comes from the creator God. We can’t help but sense the holy hum of his presence and the invitation to join him in what he naturally, seemingly effortlessly, does.” Finish the post here.

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“‘I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.’ -Philippians 3:14 When people read this scripture, they naturally interpret press on as to move ahead with earnest, and they would be correct. But press on also means to progress, and to grow as an individual in Christ Jesus. Yes, we press on, and, in the process, we progress in our walk with the Lord and we grow as Christians.” Keep reading here. 

“Satan hates God and therefore he hates God’s people, the church. His great plan for the church is to cause Christians—true believers who ought to be together in the gospel—to find ways of disagreeing among themselves, to divide, to be bitter and jealous, and ultimately to ‘bite and devour one another’ (Gal. 5:15). Here are twelve ways that you can repulse Satan’s attacks.” Keep reading here.

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