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Trochia’s mission is to help Christians to mature their faith in Jesus by providing biblical teaching with excellence and wisdom.

Our passion is to reach Christians from all over the world looking for discipleship training and encouragement.

Every contribution must be centered in Scripture and seek to encourage and equip our readers to grow in their faith in Jesus. The desired fruit of our labor is to compel those who profess to believe in Jesus to integrate their faith into all areas of their lives and to express their faith through love in action for God, his creation and his people.

You may submit an article, devotional, series, podcast or video to Trochia for consideration as potential content for our audience. Written content length is 300-1,200 words. Video length is 3-15 minutes, podcast length is 7-30 minutes. Please submit a short bio of no more than 300 words telling us about you and your credentials.

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