Beauty of Salvation (Take Five)

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Beauty of Salvation (Take Five)

Righteousness, forgiveness, not being judgmental and accepting God’s love are all nearly impossible for us to accomplish without God‘s grace and transforming power in our lives. This week, we’re focusing on the changes that his love has brought to our hearts, and the salvation that only Jesus offers. We hope that this collection of media from around the web is an encouragement to you!

If you’d like, share with us a story about your relationship with God in the comments. We’d love to hear about how you are growing in your faith, or help answer any questions you may have about Jesus and his grace.


















“I tried something different this time. I prayed and I asked Jesus to help me forgive. Before, I’ve kept these things from Him, not given Him access to this part of my life. Not this time. Not now. I want all of Him in all of my life.” Keep reading here. 

“We all live by some meta-narrative. We can’t help but try to make sense of our lives. We don’t just live life or experience reality, we constantly interpret it. We all believe in a salvation story.” Finish the article here.

“…the study pierced my own heart, forcing me to ask one of the toughest questions we ever have to ask ourselves, In what areas of my life am I more like the Pharisees than Jesus?” Keep reading here.

Do you need to reach out to Jesus today, or tell a friend about him? Maybe this video will help.

“C. S. Lewis’s earliest biographers, Roger Lancelyn Green and Walter Hooper, wrote that if they were going to a desert island and could take only one Lewis book, it would probably be Mere Christianity.” Keep reading here. 

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