Modesty and Prayer (Take Five)

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Modesty and Prayer (Take Five)

It can be challenging to love and pray for those who are culturally different from us. We each have a preconceived idea of how we should act, dress, behave or converse with others – but what we must remember is that grace and truth are equally important as we influence culture for the better. How can you react to and pray for the people you encounter every day? How can a discussion on outward appearance affect our inward growth as God’s children, made in his image?

“…The concept of modesty certainly exists, but it’s more often applied to women’s hemlines than their necklines. This setting is just one example. As we travel across the globe, we see what constitutes modest varies from place to place, and in certain contexts, women feel no shame about exposing their breasts.” Keep reading here. 

“Dear heavenly Father, as easy as it would be to tune out, numb out, and check out, the gospel compels us to keep our hearts present in the struggles and heartaches of the world—and those within miles of our homes. As I pray this morning, there are over 27 million of your image bearers owned as slaves by other image bearers; 140+ million children who begin and end their days as orphans; over 50% of the world’s population living on the equivalent of 2 American dollars a day.” Finish the post here. 

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Let’s be honest. There are certain types of people we are conditioned, by our culture, to not like. These are the people that nobody is going to give us credit for liking, the people we tend to distance ourselves from. For good reason. And yet, these are the sinners Christ most likely would have sought out to save, the people we should, at the very least, pray for. Keep reading here.

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