Faith in our thoughts, our food, our kids (Take Five)

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Faith in our thoughts, our food, our kids (Take Five)


Every week, it’s so inspiring to see the wealth of wisdom and knowledge that is shared using the Internet every day. So, every Friday we round up five of our favorite items – photos, videos, articles, quotes and blog-posts – in the hopes that you will be as encouraged and inspired by them as we are.

This week we are talking about faith and how it impacts our thought-life, the food we eat, our life stories and even how we raise our kids. May these links inspire you as they have us!

Why Food Matters to Faith

Aaron Coalson writes: “Food was given by God for two things: fuel and enjoyment. Food was not meant to be our source of happiness, our comfort, or our go-to functional Savior. This is the blistering irony of idolatry, whether food, sex, work or relationships: When we make a good thing a god thing, those things collapse under the pressure, and turn on the worshiper.” Read the rest of the article here. 

How does your faith inform what you eat and why? Have you ever found yourself placing faith in something like food instead of in the God who created it?

Defend the Faith Like C.S. Lewis

This Focus on the Family article is a great introduction to reasonable faith, especially for those of us who might struggle with how logic and reason work into our relationship with God. It points out how C.S. Lewis, a landmark Christian writer and thinker, used thoughtful arguments to defend his faith, and how you can, too:

“As a former atheist, C.S. Lewis was well aware of the role that reason played in his conversion to Christianity. That’s why he offered reasonable, logical arguments in support of his beliefs. In doing so, Lewis often utilized what is known as abductive reasoning. Abductive reasoning is similar to reasoning used by the scientific community in that it uses reasonable evidence to come to the best explanation.” Finish reading here. 

How an Atheist Found God

Speaking of athiests, this is an astonishing first-hand account of one athiest who found redemption.

I concluded that the evidence for God was so strong that it made more sense to believe in God than to believe he wasn’t there. Then I had to act on that conclusion.” Read the rest of the article here. 

What about this person’s story inspires you, or reminds you of your own journey toward faith in Christ?

Outward Behavior vs. Inward Transformation

outward behavior

This article aims to encourage mothers as they point their children to Christ, but there is wisdom here for all of us. Read it here. 

If you’re a mom, you know how hard it is to “keep it together.” If you’re a single mom…it’s infinitely harder.

But God says nothing is impossible with Him. (Luke 1:37)

How does this realization strengthen your faith?

Even when life is uncertain or unpredictable, we have faith in a God who is much bigger than any of our obstacles. Be inspired by this testimony from an NFL quarterback, and his story of faith in a loving God.


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