Brokenness and Beauty in Relationships (Take Five)

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Brokenness and Beauty in Relationships (Take Five)

This week’s links all give wisdom, insight and encouragement for when we feel misunderstood or misused by others – and how to allow God to fill our deepest needs and desires despite our mistakes and the missteps of others. Who is God calling you to encourage this week with understanding, prayer or friendship? How can drawing near to Jesus bless your other relationships?

“This is what Jesus meant when He said to pray for those who persecute you. It isn’t a grumbly prayer of ‘Lord-help-them-stop-being-an-idiot.’ Praying for our persecutors is a grace-filled, innocent request on the part of us, the wounded, to honestly ask for blessings on those who do us wrong.” Keep reading here. 


“God is perfectly willing and able to satisfy all our deepest needs and longings. Implicitly, the problem is that we will not even open our mouths to enjoy the food he provides.” Finish the post here. 

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“What does it mean to be whole? How does God’s grace, God’s love, God’s healing change us, shape us, bind us up and weave us together into something new, something healed, something integrated, something complete? Into someone whole?” Keep reading here.

“Reports show that June is the most popular month for weddings. As we enter into the month of June, once again let’s talk more than just weddings. Let’s look at the marriage. I am privileged to perform wedding ceremonies. I enjoy the process of the pre-marital counseling; getting to know the couple better, invest in their lives and the commitment of their lives together as a married couple. We discuss a variety of topics in preparation for the marriage. The wedding is such a wonderful day and celebration but it’s only the beginning of the marriage.” Finish the post here. 

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