A Few Thoughts on Christmas and the New Year (Take Five)

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A Few Thoughts on Christmas and the New Year (Take Five)

Each week I scour Twitter and spend hours reading blog posts. It has been utterly transformational in my spiritual journey. Some articles challenge me, and some just initiate great conversations. Each week I will compile my favorite posts here. You can click the link to read the entire original post. I hope you enjoy and grow as much as I have! 

I watched this adorable Christmas video several times!

An awesome Christmas post in which Nadia Bolz Weber asks, I wonder if our over-familiarity with the Christmas story gets in the way of us understanding how weird it really was… I mean, if it involves pregnancies by virgins and old ladies from the hill country and soothsaying magi and rank shepherds and fearsome angels and God being born as a refugee in straw and mud then who’s to say a pirate or a drummer is so weird?  What impossible things can you see God doing?


Andi Cumbo’s re-post about responsible compassion left me wondering how to most effectively help others, and reflecting on my holiday giving. Have you found a balance in this struggle?

  God does not require a spiritual checklist, but I appreciated the Annual Spiritual Checkup that the C.S. Lewis Institute provided this week. Could it help guide any of your New Year’s Resolutions?



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Leslie Brogdon
Leslie Brogdon
Leslie Clevenger Brogdon has spent her professional career working with at-risk youth, and served with various ministries and non-profit organizations. She earned her M.A. in Christian Education from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. She currently serves as the youth and children’s minister at Bethlehem United Methodist Church, in Buford, Georgia, and as a Marketing Coordinator for Worthy Marketing Group. She and her husband, William, live in Dawsonville, Georgia. Leslie is passionate about helping others who have unmet physical needs, and who are lacking community. In the last year she has begun a journey to live in an intentional community with her husband and another family. She loves deep conversations, good food, and traveling. Leslie helps manage the Trochia Twitter community – so you can connect with her @Trochia.
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